Patient Testimonials

15 years ago Dr. Soloway saved my life, when I was overlooked for 6 months by 10 doc’s; Thank you! - William Scates

I’m 17 years old.  I was diagnosed with crohn’s disease when I was 13.  Shortly after being diagnosed and put on several medications and steroids, I developed serious joint problems.  I had severe back pains and joint swelling.  My gastroenterologist sent me to see many specialists to try and figure out what was going on.  None of them had any answers for me.  I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain, and as a result missed a lot of school.  I could no longer participate in gym or play any of my favorite sports.  After three years of extreme pain and no answers from anyone, my parents finally decided to take me to see Dr. Soloway, who my mom had already been seeing.  After seeing him one time, he was able to diagnose me with ankylosing spondylitis.  He took x-rays and showed me simple things that so many other doctors had missed!  He immediately put me on Remicade infusions within a week and after the first infusion, I felt ten times better with both of my health conditions.  He’s an amazing doctor!  I sent a teacher from my high school to see him and my teacher, for the first time in decades, is feeling relief from his health conditions!  Whenever I see him, he tells me how great Dr. Soloway is!

I lost my insurance. Dr S. treated me for free.  He has eliminated my knee and back pain. - Lynda Bondesky

My Medical Journey spans nearly 2 Decades and featured me as a Patient at some of the Most Prestigious Hospitals spanning the Country.  Misdiagnoses coupled with Missed Diagnoses had unfortunately become the Norm.  Years of Unimaginable Pain, countless Surgeries and endless vials of every conceivable Medication were given in an effort to shroud the symptoms of an illness other doctors simply couldn’t seem to piece together.  At times, my symptoms were nothing less than Crippling.  It seemed that this was to be my Destiny.  After years of this Tumultuous Showdown against my Body, there came the time when I knew my Body had taken a turn for the Worse.  You just Feel it and know that if you turn a Blind Eye to it, the end result may not have you waving the Victory Flag in the Winners Corner.  By extreme coincidence (luck!), I was referred to Dr. Soloway by a current Patient.  Days later I was seen, and in a matter of weeks, he had the necessary tests performed that unveiled the true causes of my disease.  Today, I have Hope.  Not every day is perfect, but the Good are beginning to crush the Bad Days.  I’m confident that the combination of his unparalleled dedication/knowledge and proper medications have me on a Medical Path of Success that will allow me to lead a Better Life.  Now my focus is on Tomorrows, instead of struggling to make it through the Todays.  Dr. Soloway has not Only Succeeded in Beginning to restore my Health, he has restored my Faith, that while Perseverance is Key sometimes we are just simply placed where we belong to find the Answer.  By chance I found Dr. Soloway, and my Family and I will forever be Grateful at this Second Chance and New Beginning.  *As a side note, I also Travel 1 1/2 hours to his office each way and it is worth every bit of traffic and tolls along the way! - Von Cole

Dr. Soloway diagnosed and has saved my life with lung medicine for my scleroderma - Jane Lucca

Do yourself a favor and make an appointment!  I was told that I would be there for a couple of hours when I made my first appointment.  I didn’t mind because the doctor was thorough and the staff is fantastic.  Every single person was friendly and competent which is a nice change!  I did not have to miss work and travel to go get x-ray and lab tests because everything is right there in the office.  I actually saved time.  He uses his time to find out your problem and fix it, which is why I went to him.

I waited 17 years and I only needed to make 1 phone call.  My 1st impression was the call.  I was taken within 48 hrs. I live nowhere near this doc, but heard of him.  I called about 6-8 other rheumatology docs and couldn’t be seen for months.  This is the #1 reason, no one should complain about waiting once you are there-let’s face it, good docs are hard to find.  I have had an undiagnosed condition nearly 1/2 my life, I have literally gone to Hopkins, Mayo, and other top places.  I finally feel, that someone is on track to diagnose and solve my medical mystery.  I wish I could thank the person that told my sister about this man.  He is brilliant!  The best!  It is obvious why the man is on Castle Connolly’s list of America’s top physicians.