Patient Testimonials

He has treated me for 10 yrs.  When I went to him I was limping.  When I left his office, I walked out normally and I have gone to him ever since.

My son was diagnosed with Psoriasis and the treatments that we were using prescribed by other doctors was like putting a Band-Aid on an open wound.  Dr. Soloway was able to find a treatment that almost erases the problem and my son is now able to deal with his condition.  The doctor is a genius and the results keep you coming back again and again.  It’s a bit of a commute but I have now recommended him to others and we will travel wherever as long as he is in business.  The Infusion staff are very knowledgeable and answer all questions.  You leave with satisfaction knowing you have a Doctor who is all about health and healing.

He is a medical detective.  He listens to understand your problem then works on finding or eliminating possible diagnoses until he gets to his diagnosis.  I knew I was in the right place after just a few minutes.  After some tests he diagnosed a problem that 4 other doctors had missed over the past 18 months.  He has greatly changed my life for the better and I can't say enough good things about him.  As I discuss my doctor quest with friends I am amazed by the number of other people that I know whom he has helped also.  He can be very direct and doesn't mince words but you can tell that he really wants to understand and ultimately diagnose your problem and then help you solve it.  Listen to the world if you want your life back go and see Dr. Soloway.  He is the best and I do mean the best!  I was not able to walk due to super morbid obesity. He encouraged me and networked with other doctors to get me back on the track to leading a normal life.  I have lost a total of over 290 pounds.  His pain management is excellent.  I owe him my life and one day soon I will be able to repay him.

As a liaison for a local physical therapy clinic, I had the pleasure to work at Doctor Soloway's office on a daily basis.  As I also have worked in other physician's offices in the area, I can attest that his office is the most professionally and proficiently operated.  His facility includes on-site radiology, infusion room and clinical blood lab, which makes it very convenient for patients to complete without leaving the office.  He also has 2 patient coordinators who schedule off-site medical services for you.  His staff is well trained, professional and courteous.  First, let me state that Doctor Soloway is my primary choice in medical treatment for my own family.  Not only has he helped me and my wife with various medical conditions, but he also averted a possible amputation of my youngest son's toe.  As previously stated, since I worked in his office on a daily basis, I have witnessed many patient outcomes personally.  There were many times that patients would walk out of an examination room after being treated by Dr. Soloway with tears in their eyes.  Thinking that they were in pain from an injection and possibly needing assistance to walk out, I would ask if they needed help.  Almost all of them would state that the tears were "tears of joy".  Then they would relate how many years that they had been going to various physicians without results and that within a couple of minutes Dr. Soloway had diagnosed and setup a treatment plan for them.  I can relate many patients that he diagnosed with cancer and other maladies that had been missed by other physicians.  Another case I remember is when he saved a patient's life who had a blood clot moving up her arm.

I personally was misdiagnosed at Cooper and University of Penn. Dr. Soloway ordered the tests no one ever thought of to find my problem.  He saved my life!!!  I have sent many friends and family, every single one has been extremely pleased.  He has a bit of a wait, but there is always a wait for the best!  I found him in Philadelphia magazines section of best doctors.....and he is!!

I went to 5 other doctors, this is the only one that found water on my elbow, and took it out with no pain and diagnosed me.  I would wait all day for the best care.  If you don’t, it’s your loss.

Dr. Soloway is very knowledgeable and helpful.  Some might be put off by his direct and honest approach but I like it.  Best described as a medical detective.  Once he gets on the trail of your problem he keeps digging until he gets to the solution.  Within a few weeks diagnosed a problem that I had seen several other doctors for before.

I love him!  He helped me a lot.  All of the other patients that I met in his waiting room love him also.  He has a New York sense of humor.  I think he’s the best.

Some people say that Dr. Soloway is cocky, he’s not cocky, he’s confident, and with good reason.  He is the most knowledgeable doctor I have ever met and he see your illness as a personal challenge and trust me, this man does not lose.  He has done for me what no other doctor has been able to do, give me a quality of life that I never expected to have again.  His infusion team is the best.  Not only is Dr. Soloway the best…he hires the best as well.  Now if we could just get him to stop being a Mets fan!