Patient Testimonials

14 years ago I couldn't work.  I was crippled in elbow and hands.  Thanks to Dr. Soloway suggesting Remicade, I work full time with no trouble.

I am a retired pro-football player. When I met Dr. Soloway I couldn't walk, now I have use of my feet.  It’s been 7 years, and going strong. - James Edwards

Since 1994 I've seen Dr. Soloway and was diagnosed and treated for Henoch–Schönlein purpura. I've been near death, but Dr. Soloway has made me well. - Jennifer Clark

Dr. Soloway has solved my gout problems. - Joe Artesi, Grand Master

My neck has never felt better. - Jane Bowe

I was diagnosed with giant cell arteritis - was ready to die. Dr. Soloway reviewed my slides, diagnosed me with Wegener’s and I'm better -100%. - Barbara Cole

After years of back pain, I've never felt better. - Barbara Vargas

I walked in, spent about 2 seconds and he said "are you near sighted".  I said yes.  He asked me several other questions, and within 5 minutes he says "you have Marfan Syndrome".  I said "I have an uncle that was told the same and gene testing confirmed this.  I am so happy, it is unreal to have peace of mind and know what I have.  I don’t know what his secret is, but I went to another 2 rheumatologists prior and they spent longer, ordered tests and said "I was crazy".  I don’t know how he does it, but no doubt anyone with any issue should go to this man, with a great sense of humor.  I was initially was put off by his speed but when he said "how can you tell my shirt is blue so fast" I got the point.  He has the experience and recognizes diseases like we all know colors. AMAZING!

I had blue feet for 5 years, yes 5 years and 27 doctors!  He diagnosed me with cryoglobulinemia and I am now better with Rituxan.  Wow my life is back!

If you got the gout, this man will get it out!

I was lucky enough to find Dr. Soloway who found that my local doctors never honestly figured out what was wrong with me.  After 6 months, with the loss of the use of my arms and legs, I had gotten to the end of my rope.  This period also took two visits to my local hospital, but the information that came back were based on something less than anything but a best guess.  Dr. Soloway also followed up with blood tests and three MRI's to study every aspect of my case, which by this time had gotten very serious.  My only regret is that I didn't learn about Dr. Soloway until so late in the game. I would have been back on my feet a lot sooner.

I went to 17 doctors over 5 years, 3 others were rheumatologist.  Despite the crowded waiting room, and lots of waiting, he spent 75 minutes with me.  He said, you have 1 of 2 things, went and looked something up and diagnosed me with relapsing polychondritis, later proven with a biopsy.  With medication, I am fine.  I see him 2x yearly.  I went to Harvard for a 2nd opinion as I couldn’t believe this diagnosis was made so fast, after 5 years of waiting.  They confirmed Dr. Soloway was correct.  I had tracheal stenosis and would have died if not for Dr. Soloway.  I will forever be indebted to him.  He is worth any wait.  He really is the best.  He has a wonderful personality (actually he is very polite, and sincere, he has a great sense of humor and little time to waste).  Those who think he is abrupt should take a look at themselves and try to walk in his shoes.  My only regret is I didn’t write this sooner.